Podunk Design

Innovative & creative web agency

The web agency must accompany you in all the steps related to your activity and your online project. It will help you to define the main lines of your development in the long term.

Website creation and design

SEO content writing

Web writing is at the heart of today’s communication strategy.

Mobile application design

The mobile application will allow you to better approach Internet users.

Maintenance and hosting

The choice of your hosting will depend on your professional activity.

Choosing the right CMS

Choosing the right CMS for your website

In the field of IT and the creation of responsive design websites such as newmotion.fr, it is important to choose your CMS carefully. It is recommended to choose a solution that offers a mobile site for your professional activity. Take into account your communication strategy when making your choice.

Use WordPress for your project

Create an e-commerce site with Prestashop

Have a functional site with Drupal

Being first on Google with SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Optimization (SEA) play an important role in the search engine results. You will have a blog post that respects the rules of SEO. In this case, relevance will be emphasized. With social search engine optimisation, you can increase the visibility of your website through social network optimisation.

To be first on Google, you need to update your online content. Your SEO campaign must be personalised to have relevant results.

Google with SEO

Google adwords

This is a very popular advertising programme in the field of web marketing. You can reach more internet users.

SEO referencing

You will be able to optimise the results displayed on search engines. Your site will have a better positioning.

Display campaign

This advertising campaign focuses on images and videos. The display advertising can evolve according to your project.

You can use several SEO tools to optimise your website. All the techniques used should be based on digital communication.

Establishing a good influencer marketing strategy

In the context of event communication, it is possible to use an influencer marketing strategy. The objective is to use the reputation of experts to promote a product or service. It is important to identify the right influencer to ensure your project. You will benefit from an increase in your online visibility.

It is undeniable to define your objectives and your budget before going on the search for influencers. It is necessary to emphasize the coherence between the influencer and your audience (potential customers).

The different marketing strategies

The strategies used in marketing can change depending on your business. You can use advertising media and banners to make your business stand out.

Increase your website traffic

To improve the visibility of your website, you need to update your articles and publications.

Choose relevant keywords

Carry out a semantic audit

Give priority to natural referencing

Improve your brand image

You need to adopt an effective digital strategy to have a good visual identity on the internet.

Remember to demonstrate your expertise

Manage your e-reputation effectively

Highlight your principles

Build customer loyalty

To build customer loyalty, you need to prepare good sales pitches to be more convincing.

Create a bond of trust with your customers

Offer impeccable services

Make your offers evolve

Social selling: the future of e-commerce

Social selling is a technique that consists of using social networks. You will have the opportunity to identify new prospects. It is a way to strengthen your commercial sales. By using this strategy, your e-commerce site can easily grow. You can even engage a community.

Finding the right social networks for your targets

The choice of social networks should not be made in any way. You must especially take into account the quality of your targets (age, gender, particularity, etc.).


Facebook, the supreme leader

This network has a multitude of users and targets.


Instagram, the most powerful network

It offers a simpler buying process to Internet users.

TikTok and Snapchat are here!

Popular networks for influencer marketing.

Businesses: monitor your e-reputation!

To have a brand image, you must not neglect your e-reputation. You must filter and clean up certain content to maintain your reputation.